About Us

Integrated Plastics is owned and operated by Doug and Tom. Doug performs his magic on plastic concoctions while I, Tom, guide my clients through the process of realizing their dream projects.

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Doug and Tom

Our company stands apart from other custom plastic fabricators thanks to our devoted passion for custom plastics, efficient turnaround schedules, and our undying care of the client. This is why we’ve had an incredible 99% Customer Satisfaction track-record since 1997 and have only had 1 product re-serviced in our entire history.

Making custom projects is quite a challenge but very rewarding. From small to large we strive to make the customer happy. The rewarding part is when the customer sees his project for the first time and is so excited to see the finished project. Sometimes they feel a relief, because you have to remember that what we do you cannot find on a shelf. That is why we strive to build the best product we can for them. We work closely with each customer to give them what they want.


2012 Outstanding Vendor Award from ConQuip Inc.
Member of the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce

A Brief History

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Integrated Plastics was founded in 1997 by the two of us, Doug and Tom, to meet the needs of our industry partners with their custom plastic fabrications in the Sacramento area. Before founding Integrated Plastics, Doug and I previously worked together in a product line in a previous company. Then one day, management decided to sell our product line to a Bay Area based company. Since we already had well established clients in the Sacramento area, we decided not to merge with the buying company and instead founded our own local start-up. We started by doing assembly work in Doug’s garage, but as our reputation grew so did customer demand, and within a year we moved to our current industrial location at 12167-B Folsom Blvd in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Get in Touch

You can reach us by calling us at (916) 353-1381 or by filling out a short contact form HERE